VR Kanojo "Waifu" (GAME FEATURES + INFO) – AndroidGamesOcean

VR Kanojo "Waifu" (GAME FEATURES + INFO) – AndroidGamesOcean


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VR Kanojo

    In the game of VR Kanojo, you can play and feel like a realistic date with the lovely girl-next-door, Sakura Yuuhi. The game is all about you and her by taking time to talk, to touch on her like on a cheek or massaging. Doing with her also by different task like what she wants, study with her, help her to move away the insect from her and caring her as well. The game VR Kanojo is similar to a waifu or anime game but this game is playing through VR type. The game VR Kanojo is considered as dating simulator as well.

About the game VR Kanojo System Requirements:

  • Game Platform: PC game (Maybe Android Soon via emulators)
  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 by 64 bit
  • Game mode: First Person VR
  • RAM: 4 GB and above
  • Storage Atleast 5 GB and above
  • Game Networks: Offline

Screenshot of the game VR Kanojo:

vr kanojo gameplay
VR Kanojo gameplay

vr kanojo screenshot
VR Kanojo screenshot

vr kanojo game
VR Kanojo game

VR Kanojo anime game
VR Kanojo anime game

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