Sakura MMO Android
Sakura MMO Android

About the game Sakura MMO, Dive into the portal of a magical world of Asaph Online in this visual novel game, where a character Kotone is a feared dark witch with impressive and extensive magical powers, capable of defeating the strongest of enemies with a snap of her fingers.

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The Sakura MMO storyline In real life, however, Kotone is an average woman who works an average job, with a below average relationship with her estranged parents. Every day that passes is the same, and Kotone soon grows tired of her monotonous routine. If only she could through a world like Asaph, filled with fantastical creatures and frightening freaks… but Asaph Online is only a game. There is no other way a game could ever become a reality. At least, that's what Kotone used to think – until a mysterious force summons her to the world she has entering travel so many times through her computer screen. Now, Kotone isn't just Kotone, but the dark witch Viola – and, freed from her societal obligations, she finally decides to have some fun!

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Sakura MMO Android gameplay

Sakura MMO Android game
Sakura MMO Android game

Sakura MMO Android Game RPG
Sakura MMO Android Game RPG


Viola is the name Kotone gave to her personal character in Asaph Online. Upon awakening in Asaph, Kotone inherits Viola's appearance, her unbelievable magical powers, and her name. Viola is a dark witch with her unimaginable powers, who is feared by everybody in the Asaph. Many of them random to have tried to challenge her, but none of them have emerged victorious. She enjoys grinding people down beneath her heel (sometimes literally), and treats those around her as little more than playthings. She's a deeply sadistic, dangerous woman… but even she has a good side personality.


Neve is Viola's trusted most trusted maid, who would do anything to help her mistress. Neve is a member of the group darkling race, which is reviled throughout Asaph as being savage and hostile, but Neve eschews these unfair perceptions. She is a diligent woman, loyal, industrious girl – but she may be a touch too devoted. She adores Viola, and becomes irrationally angry at any perceived slights against her beloved mistress. Self-sacrificing and hard-working though she is, Neve can be rather scary when she wants. If she were to fight seriously, she may also even be able to defeat demons.


Fion is a young, put-upon lass from a huge family, who works hard to ensure her brothers and sisters have enough food to eat… At least, that is what she always do, but Neve isn't entirely convinced. Fion might look like a sweet attraction, innocent thing, looks can be deceiving, and she's far craftier than she initially appears. 

About the game requirements:

  • Game title: Sakura MMO ~Real na Genjitsubanare
  • Release: 15.10.2018
  • Status: Completed
  • Categorie: Adventure
  • OS Platform: Android 4.0+

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