Summertime Saga Rap Battle Answers - AndroidGamesOcean

Summertime Saga Rap Battle Answers - AndroidGamesOcean

summertime saga rap battle answers
Summertime Saga Rap Answers

Summertime Saga Rap Answers - Many players are struggling the best answers here in the park rap answers with Chico, Chad and Tyrone. Now, we will share this the correct answers for the players

For Chico:
Round 1 - Yo Cap, Laugh Track
Round 2 - Me, Show
Round 3 - Closer, Bin
Round 4 - Stitch, Dick

For Chad:
Round 1 - Kid, Free, Sit, Detention
Round 2 - Child, Session, Hairdo, Erection
Round 3 - Biz, Belt, Laid, Chad

For Tyrone:
Round 1 - Ginsu, Remove, Spent, High, Bet, Park, Three, Napalm
Round 2 - Ten, Foo, Suit, Fruit, Ire, Need, Insane, Far
Round 3 - Rhyme, Dismissed, Heathen, Drip, Joke, Old, Clown, Hood, Ton, MC, Now

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